“Burt Reynolds is not dead,” says Burt Reynolds



Burt Reynolds is very much alive reports the actor himself. Despite public belief that he passed away five years ago, the 106-year-old says he is not dead, he’s just been taking a lot of naps. “I’m very much alive and sexy. I just get so sleepy,” said Reynolds.

Not only is Reynolds alive, but he is also acting again. Next Saturday afternoon, Reynolds is premiering his one-man show at the Bright Skies Community Theater in Sun City, Arizona. 6 Feet Above Ground is an inspirational tale of one man (Reynolds) and his journey to live as an undead man in a world that has long mourned him. “It makes me sad to know that he’s still with us. I already went through the seven stages of grief and now I’m gonna have to start all over again,” said Florida resident and creator of the RIP Burt Reynolds Facebook fan page, Amber Mickus.

Despite the public confusion, Reynolds says that he doesn’t plan on dying anytime soon.  “I’m still hanging on by a few chest hairs.”