Woman Puts On A Pair Of Yoga Pants And Goes From a 5 to an 8

29-year-old Amy Reign has always considered herself to be an average looking woman. That is until she purchased a pair of yoga pants at Ross Dress For Less in Tacoma, Washington.

“For only $14.99, I became a hot chick overnight,” Reign confessed to GUR. Reign said that because of this, she wears her yoga pants at least three to four times a week.

Since 2009, yoga pants have become a boner-inducing fashion statement. Straight men everywhere admittedly love this relatively new fashion trend.

“Asses are the new implants. Every time I see a chick walking ahead of me in a pair of these, I know there’s a God,” said Stephen Tarik, creator of the blog, DatAss.Wordpress.com

Before 2009, yoga pants were only worn by women who spent their days downward-dogging in a room full of nose breathers who often spoke of “being at one with the universe.” However, today, these pants are worn by women who have no intention of ever doing yoga.

“I don’t get how sitting around with my eyes closed will make me thin. That’s just a nap. But I do love what those yoga chicks wear,” explained local gourmet pet food store employee, Candy Rollen.

Sadly, there have been casualties because of this fashion phenomenon, jeans. Jeans have become obsolete now that women are opting for these form-fitting pants instead of the once popular jeans.

“These things [yoga pants] are like magic. Guys who would normally never check me out are now giving me the twice-over when I walk past.”

Reign is noticeably excited about the newfound attention she is receiving from men.

“It used to be, ‘The tighter the sweater. The bigger the better,’ but now it’s, ‘The tighter the yoga pants. And if you can put a cup on her booty that’s even better. But the real secret is not to wear underwear underneath. There’s nothing more unattractive to a man than a visible panty line, except for an unplanned pregnancy ,” said Reign.


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