Friends Agree To Bad Mouth Friend Who Didn’t Show Up

Friends all together.

Brenda, Daisy, Jolene, and Donna. (missing Sally)

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Brenda Haggins planned a dinner for all of her closest friends. Only one, Sally,  failed to show up and the rest agreed it was time to air out some dirty laundry.  The friend group meets once of month at a locations of their choice. This month, Brenda chose Olive Garden.

As the breadsticks came in, the bad mouthing came out. “Y’know she’s been like that ever since Brenda called her out for being too easy,” said Daisy Winters. The others added, “I can’t believe we’re even still friends with her.” GUR reporter asked if they could stop being Sally’s friend , to which they all replied, “No, because then we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.”

No missing reports have been filed for Sally, as she still responds to text messages sent by the group. In many cases, she sends a text five minutes before the meetings saying, ‘Can’t make it lol,’ ‘car trouble lol,’ and ‘lol lol!’

The next meeting will be at Daisy Winter’s house and she plans to incorporate a Thirty-One party. No word on where Sally is, but her friends agree, “She’s probably ‘hanging out’ with a guy, if you know what I mean.”


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