Book Cover Review

Judgin’ A Book By It’s Cover: Bedding a Billionaire by Kendra Little

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for – Judgin’ a Book By It’s Cover.

This week, Bedding a Billionaire by Kendra Little. The review is in no way about the story. I commend authors, but I demean unrealistic covers.

Cover photo of Bedding a Billionaire by Kendra Little

Givin’ it up, being yelled at, and being a second class citizen is worth it if he takes me places.

Bedding a Billionaire… oh yeah, like that’s going to be an experience you want to tell all your friends about… “Then he told me not to talk about anything and have sex with me.”

First, I love that the billionaire is looking down on the woman. That is as real as the cover gets. Who’s fantasy involves being looked down on? “Xchel he’s so sweet to me, he gives me things.” If things is what you want, then you deserved to be treated as such. There is no way a man should look down on a women. You’re making someone an object, obviously you failed at ‘Getting Along With Others On This Planet 101.’

Can we get an updated version of this ‘billionaire’. He’s not old and most are as old as an elephant from the ice age. Any person who is that young telling you he’s a billionaire, is not. Please don’t fall for it and be lured into his Mazda from 1998. While you’re asking, “What happened to your Lambo?” He’s giving you the mechanic run around. Single men lie to get women back their place. It’s like the game mouse trap, where on your way home from the club, men are trying to trap you into their arms for the night.

Has anyone notice that a cry for help in a women’s eyes? Maybe she is trying to be seductive or maybe it’s bad gas. But someone please get these woman some Pepto. If I saw this woman on the street giving me these eyes, I would cross the street. I don’t want to walk in anyone’s crop dust.

Is that flames on the billionaire flame suit? Yes. Yes, that saved the cover for me. If there is anything about billionaires that can ring true, is that on the way to the top, they have fucked someone over. Whether it’s banged someone (male / female / horse) while my wife was on vacation or moved jobs to stir more profit, you have to make moves to get there.

Overall, I would give this cover a C+. There are some aspects I appreciated, but there was one thing I didn’t: The fantasy of dating a billionaire. I’m not jealous. My bank account is empty of money, but I have a whole lot of ‘treating woman like human beings’ my pocket.

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