Foreigner in the NBA Playoffs

By: Dave Williamson

Miami, FL – The Miami Heat made a significant roster move that flew under the radar. Although he has yet to log a minute of playing time, the Heat added Serbian PF Naanci Danilovic to their squad. Naanci, which is reportedly a very masculine name in his native Bologna, is first cousins with Sasha Danilovic, who was a stand out Shooting Guard for the Heat in the 90’s. Sasha apparently is equally as embarrassing of a boy’s name in Serbia as it is in the United States.

Some claim it is a desperate move to add a big body for possible post season match ups with Brooklyn, Chicago, or Indiana, but Heat representatives say they’ve been eyeing the big man for a while.

“Naanci has been on our radar all year. His paperwork just took a long time to clear based on some legal trouble he has had in his country,” said Heat President Pat Riley.

“He’s a biter,” followed Head Coach Eric Spoelstra. “He has bitten somebody in every game he has played in overseas. Some incidents led to charges, so that’s what led to the delay. We are glad to have him now, though.”

The Heat currently have a 1-0 lead against the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round of the Play-offs.


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