Judgin’ A Book By It’s Cover: His Wicked Dream by Adrienne deWolfe

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for – Judgin’ a Book By It’s Cover.

This week, we cover His Wicked Dream by Adrienne deWolfe. The review is in no way about the story. I commend anyone who finishes writing a book, but I demean unrealistic covers.

Boston Is like PaH!

“Red Sox Win 40th World Series in a row!”

First, if I was this guy and my lady came up to me mid sit up, I would tell her, “hey babe, can you wait until my set is over? I’m busy getting ripped!” But as you can tell, this girl was going to get her way. She was going to tell him they are shopping at Ikea later and held him down by pushing on his sensitive areas. From a selling stand point, kudos. You want your women to fantasize that they are in a dominant position.

I’m sure this author is from Boston. Or at least, I would like her to be. The only time to use ‘wicked’ is when describing an awesome experience that has to do with Boston. I can imagine, that this book has everything to do with The Red Sox winning multiple championships and in the same year, the Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots all win their perspective championship. Then this book would be his wicked dream.

Can we all agree that a man’s dream is getting his wiener touched. That’s all men want. Maybe he wants to watch sports. If you have something to say, you wait until he’s done. That’s a good dream too. My problem with this cover is the title. I don’t like it. Hide it, and watch the money roll in.

Big poo-fey prom dresses are annoying. I don’t have any experience in them, but I can only imagine the days I’ve waited by a bathroom for my girlfriend to come out when she was wearing a dress. I know the term off like a prom dress is out there, but how long did it take to get off said prom dress?! I’ll tell you: 4 hours. Twice as long as it took to put it on. I am no math genius, but if there is beer involved, that dude passed out 40 minutes into your take off your dress adventure. Get a summer dress… easier to take off and they’re sexy. Also, any women in an expensive dress is going to avoid getting grass stains on her very expensive frock. Honestly, I think she is using him as a blanket on top of the picnic blanket so her dress doesn’t get dirty. Change the dress.

This cover is one of my favorites. It gets right to the point. I am a girl and I’m on top to dominate you. I can wear any dress I want, and you, man, will look hot and exercise. The only grade this deserves a B. My biggest concern? The title. Change it, and you got yourself a book!


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