NJ State Prosecutor Ironically Misses ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal Trial Due To Closed Lanes on George Washington Bridge


In a twist today, NJ State Prosecutor John Wisniewski investigating the Bridgegate scandal against NJ Governor Chris Christie, missed today’s trial due to closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge. It is currently unknown as to whether Christie was involved in the traffic jam or if the two other main figures involved in the bridge scandal prior to this one, Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Stepien, Christie’s former two-time campaign manager, were also involved.

“It’s like a Bridgegate scandal inception!” commented NJ state councilwoman, Samantha Groves. The scandal has been reportedly named, “The Bridgegate, Bridgegate Scandal.”

Governor Christie stated in a press release this afternoon, “I don’t know how the second Bridgegate happened! I was at a Chipotle the whole time! I don’t even have to go to those trials the only thing that’s making me sweat are the three barbacoa burritos I ate earlier today.”

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