Johnny Football Surprises at Pro Day Workout

Johnny Football surprises scouts

Johnny “I’m Getting Paid” Manziel

Johnny Manziel had a superb time at Texas A&M Pro Day. Finishing his day looking strong for the NFL scouts, Johnny’s draft stock is said to be going through the roof. We can wonder what Johnny Manziel is going through as his day turned out to be such a success.

What stunned so many NFL scouts and quieted the nay sayers? A pure exhibition of sportsmanship, power, and a surprise that left many wanting more.

The day became interesting when Manziel displayed his power by tossing an accurate long pass to WR Kyle Bolton. The scouts applauded the effort and almost walked away without seeing the big finish. In seconds, Manziel saw Mrs. Barbara Bush, ran to her golf cart,  and started grinding on her. Former President George H.W. Bush applauded the effort as sports stars are allowed to do what normal people cannot.

The surprise did not end there, Mrs. Bush entertained the grinding and started twerking upside down on her walker. Many scouts were amazed by the Johnny’s abilities to get people to do the unexpected. The surprise came as all three, Former President Bush Sr, Barbara Bush, and Manziel, started making out. The kiss lasted for several minutes as tongues penetrated mouths, hands crossed comfort zones, and many on lookers became arouse. One NFL scout exclaimed, “I’m getting a violent boner!,” as he fainted. He was quickly rushed to St Joseph’s Hospital. The football dome was quickly exited as the humidity rose from the passionate mouth to mouth to mouth kissing.

Speculators are now claiming Johnny Manziel will be drafted before the draft. “If he can make a former president go ‘House of Cards,’ he can do wonders on the football field.” Teams are not the only ones surprised with Manziel’s skills, as calls from numerous erotic production companies are being taken by Manziel’s agent.


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