Judgin’ A Book By It’s Cover: Never Trust A Scoundrel by Gayle Callan

Dudes be on my junk, like all the time.

Never Trust A Scoundrel by Gayle Callan

It’s Monday and you know what that means. It’s time for Judgin’ a Book By It’s Cover.

This week, Gayle Callan writes Never Trust A Scoundrel. The review is in no way about the story. I commend anyone who finishes writing a book, but demean all unrealistic covers.

Let’s get one thing straight, a lady’s bath time is a lady’s time. I know several men that have tried to surprise their girlfriends/wives in the bathtub and walked away with a bruise upside their head. Are we suppose to believe that a woman loves interruption from her bathtime? Haha, nice one Gayle, or should I say Mrs. Callan (Oh, I got you). From what I know about women, there is no way you are suppose to interrupt that special time. Anytime a girl is in the bathtub there should be a poison symbol on the door. That is a time of relaxing and the last thing she needs is a boner to poke her during a relaxing time.

Is she bathing with the window open? Or, are alien ships coming to abduct her? Either way, she’s pointing her hoohah towards the window. It’s suppose to be heavenly to have natural light come in, but she is tempting random shirtless men that walk our neighborhood. This girl is into voyeurism. If my woman had a bathroom with a window, the first thing I would do is nail some 2×4’s to keep that window close. She can have a window towards where I am inside the house, because if she wants that kind of attention she easily gets it from me. She doesn’t want that kind of attention, that’s why she’s in the bathtub.

Look, it’s easy to fix this cover. All it needs is a hot tub. You got a hot tub and your girlfriend is in it? You are welcomed to come in… otherwise, how are you suppose to fit into a single use bathtub? Those are not meant for ‘messing around’ and is a quick ticket to a kneeing of the genitals. Just don’t do it. Trust me. Save your relationship. Buy her flowers if she is in the tub.

I give this cover a D- for gratuitous boner to back action. I would quickly give a B, if this chick was in a hot tub. Also, pointing your lady bits towards the window is a cry for helot.


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