Uber And Tinder Are Hooking Up

Getting a Hooker Logo

UBER and TINDER combined are Getting A Hooker

In a surprising move today, the popular online dating service application Tinder and the transportation network Uber have officially merged together to create an all-encompassing dating and ride service company called Getting A Hooker.

Getting A Hooker simplifies Uber and Tinder into one easy to use application on your smart phone in which you set your location, scroll through the countless men and women that are near you, choose up to ten people that you feel you want to start a relationship with, and then Getting A Hooker uses a special algorithm to find the person that best matches your compatibility and instructs them to drive to your doorstep within minutes, then after you two have met, your new soulmate will drive you to wherever you want to go.

“We created this app to give assistance to those who both have trouble meeting people and don’t have a car.”

Word of this new app has already spread like wildfire and is planning on revolutionizing the transportation industry. Airline companies are worried about taking a big hit as users are beginning to cancel future flights in order to find someone they are compatible with on the ground and then having Getting A Hooker drive them to where they need to be. Because of this news all major airline companies are looking into future expansions to Getting A Hooker on flights.

“I already canceled all my flights and plan on using Getting A Hooker to drive me to all my business meetings across the country, forever.”

In the few hours since the initial Uber Tinder merger took place over one hundred thousand users have purchased the Getting A Hooker application and used the feature to match compatibility with someone who then comes over, but so far not a single user has taken advantage of the second part of the application by then getting a ride to a different location with that person. Apparently users must be having such amazing luck in finding their soulmate that they would rather spend time immediately with their new Getting A Hooker friend then get a ride from them.

Getting A Hooker is free in the iTunes store and is already more popular than Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Snapchat, and all of Tyler Perry’s apps combined.


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