Drug Lord Looks To Lorde For Inspiration

In what’s being called the ‘Second Coming’, Mexican Drug Lords are turning to pop star Lorde for help.

“She gets the struggle,” said Baby Killer Francisco. BK has been with the Zeta’s since his birth, and acquired his name by busting baby pianos when mad. Francisco adds, “whenever I get sad, I pray to Lorde.” And prayers are being answered. “Just the other day, I pray for a good day, and I GET IT. I no break baby piano.”

BK Francisco saying, "Check out my new tat."

Baby Killer Francisco With His New Lorde Tattoo

The trend started with the Zeta’s Leader went to church to gain a new perspective on life. A priest, Señor Chava Gamez, told the congregation to pray to Lorde and that many prayers are heard. BK was skeptical at first, “I said if that’s true, give me a sign,” and as he left the church, ‘Royals’ was playing in the plaza.

Lorde doesn’t mind the new attention and the young singer welcomed new fans. “I’m excited to be reaching a new demographic,” mentioned Lorde. She didn’t think she would have a good pull in the Mexican market, but many are calling her album Pure Heroine a new chapter in Revelations.

Tracks such as ‘‘Royals’ have been changing lives in Mexico. Maria Ramirez says, “that song is the first song to talk about being ok with not having money.” Maria spends her time thanking Lorde for releasing a realistic song about having money.

Lorde is planning a South American tour set to launch in Summer 2014. The idea is to bring Lorde closer to the people, and people have already lined up to buy tickets. Tickets can be purchased at your local Catholic Church.


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