NFL Stops Checking Injuries Above Shoulders To Bring Down Concussion Stats

Helmet To Helmet Hits Lead to Concussions

Helmet To Helmet Hits Lead to Concussions

The National Football Leagues plans to make 2014 the safest for players. Many say that is not possible since football is a barbaric sport, but the NFL has an answer. They will not check any injury above the shoulder. Organization leaders say this will cause concussions stats to drop drastically. Players are excited and ready to be taken advantage of again.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, sat in good spirits at the press conference. “We solved the problem,” claimed Mr. Goodell. The press disagreed, and said the NFL was masking the problem, to which the commissioner replied, “you’re masking the problem.”

We met up with Hall of Fame Defensive End John Randall, who was excited to see the NFL care so much about player safety. GUR asked him what made John the happiest about the situation, to which he replied, “Where’s my car?” Mr. Randall spends his retirement trying to remember to wear pants when guest come over.

As the 2014 seasons looms, the NFL is making head injuries it’s number one hundredth concern.


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