Jennifer Lopez Releases Song For Her Puppy

Jennifer Lopez released her new song and animal lovers are applauding her.

The latin queen prides herself on releasing music to the fans first and her  song, I Love Yah Puppy, is gathering many views online. “This song is about a new puppy our family got, and I wanted him to feel loved,” said JLo.

Peaches, the new puppy, was bought at a farm outside of Bakersfield, CA. The family is happy to have an innocent life in the house, even though it pees in unwanted places.

Not everyone is happy with the song’s content. PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk is mad as always. “What about older dogs,” questioned Ingrid. Ms. Newkirk feels that puppies get all the attention, but there are still older dogs that need love too. “Everyone thinks puppy stays that way forever,” she added, “…so, we’ll be following JLo closely to see how she treats the dog when it gets older.”

Fans of JLo are enjoying the new song. “I didn’t know she was so talented,” said 58 year old Fran Slaconik. “The song speaks to everyone. Who doesn’t love puppies?”

Jennifer Lopez is planning to release a second single about the puppy entitled No Poo In Da House.

JLo's new song talks about her experience loving a puppy.

JLo Loves Her Puppy

The song’s music video can be found here.


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