Future President Pissed At Current House for Passing ‘Enforce the Law’

Passing out food ordered between Representatives.

House of Representatives Hard At Work

The House of Representatives passed a pivotal bill that was headed by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R. SC). The bill allows the house or senate to sue the executive branch for unlawful conduct and would be expedited in the judicial system. Republicans, from today, claim this is a major victory. But, Future Republicans beg to differ.

“Those dumb goons,” said future President Rand Paul. “Now all the future Democratic controlled house and senate is suing us back and forth.” The gaffe of 2014, as future Republicans say, ruins the chance for anything to be done. “Now we can’t do secret stuff, like all the presidents before, GAH!,” yelled the Future President.

As today’s Republicans and future Republicans are fighting, the public still plans on being screwed. “You mean, they passed a bill in a majority controlled area that has nothing to do with fixing the educational system?,” asked local Jim Staunches. “Even, I know where to spend my time.” Jim lives in Plano, TX, has no high school education, plays Xbox One 3 hours a day, and works at a 7-11.

As current President Obama laughs at work going in to stop him, he stops and talks to GUR while on his comedy show tour. “People think because he passes this on his home court ‘wow he’s got balls’, but he’s doing what the minority party always does: complain.” President Obama remembers fond times of being a Senator when he ‘dragged his feet,’ like the best of them.

The future is bright for America as both current, future, and past party systems fight for control, while corporations run rampant passing laws that promote profit. But, we don’t know that because Bieber peed his pants on stage. OMG BIEBER!

"I hope you like pee pee."

Bieber Pee.

President Obama and future President Rand Paul spend their off time traveling to the past and laughing at all civilians of different time periods. As they jumped into they’re Delorean, they both laughed and screamed, “They’re all the same!”

Obama with Rand Paul.

Before jetting off into the past to laugh at civilians.


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