First Ever Marijuana Job Fair Turns Into Music Festival

A paradigm shift in the history of job fairs occurred today in Denver, Colorado as it held its first ever “CannaSearch” job fair, in which rapidly grew into the first ever, “Job Fair/Music Festival.”


Taylor Finnegan, a Caucasian 27-year old attendee with dreadlocks commented, “… [The job fair] quickly escalated into a giant music party, dude! The Reefer Medness weed dispensary booth homies started playing Phish and Dave Matthews and before you  knew it everybody was dancing, making out and smoking yo.”

The band Kottonmouth Kings were also in attendance promoting their new “No Mo’ Kottonmouth!” bottled-water line and quickly took the job fair lecture stage along with 15 other local and touring bands in the area.

“We weren’t planning for 15,000 people to show up, it’s amazing! Next year we will definitely encourage the job presenters to print more applications because unfortunately most of them were smoked…” stated Tom Hardy, spokesman for the “CannaSearch” job fair.

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