Calumet Photographic Pranks Employees

Logo of the Retail Chain

Logo for the Retail Chain

Calumet Photographic is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and wanted to pull the sheep’s wool over it’s employee’s eyes.

The retail giant released a ‘joke’ memo to all employees before it closed it doors. “We thought we were going to be fine,” said long time employee Cassandra Stevens. The memo stated that all rumors of bankruptcy were false, and that employees should keep working hard. Calumet CEO thought it hilarious.

“We put ‘JK’ on the bottom of the memo, but no one seemed to notice,” claimed CEO Brian Carroll. “Doesn’t anyone appreciate a good joke anymore?” Brian still thought the ‘joke’ was hilarious. Mr. Carroll will spend his time chasing his passion: making youtube prank videos. “I got this idea, as my ex employees return for their personal belongings, I kick them in the balls!”

Logo for CEOsBeingJerks

Youtube Channel CEOsBeingJerks Logo

Carroll spends his time on his youtube channel CEOsBeingJerks. The channel features Ex McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner, Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy, and Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher leads the group of CEOs from small to small town, kicking civilians in the crotch area. They claim that if they can rude to normal people at an impersonal level, they can do it at a personal level.

If a business can file bankruptcy and let go of it’s employees without notice, what’s going to stop your company from doing the same? A call for congress to act is being pushed, but they’re to busy trying to sue themselves.


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