Sandusky’s Wife Lashes Out

Dottie Sandusky, wife of the infamous Jerry Sandusky, is lashing out at victims. And, she is upset at the media who demonized her demon husband. The remarks bring up old wounds for victims, and tell that being old and senile can make you say some messed up shit.

Mrs. Sandusky is speaking up for her husband, because she doesn’t want to believe in the reality of the situation. “Money made people tell,” said Dottie. GUR got ahold of some money, but it remained silent during our questioning.

Dottie Sandusky say, "Homie, Don't Play That"

Dottie Sandusky During The Today Show Interview

When GUR brought up all the evidence of child molestation, Dottie claimed we were Ohio State fans. “Buckeye fans are not welcomed,” she yelled as we ran to our cars.

The news comes devastating to victims who are trying to move on with their lives. “It’s like she wants us to react, but we can’t. She’s old, she doesn’t know what she’s doing,” stated an anonymous victim. “If it was her kids, she would feel a lot different.”

Dottie can’t find support among her peers. “She’s giving all us elderly bad names by being stubborn!,” yelled Reginald Forrest, an 83 year old living at Morningside Retirement. Reginald begs us to not take Dottie for her word and understand she’s being childish by throwing a tantrum.

Dottie is seeking asylum with family. “Victims piss me off,” she texted us. Mrs. Sandusky lives in Denial, which is twenty miles outside of State College, PA.

Jerry Sandusky’s fellow inmates feel differently about the whole matter. “We makin’ him useful,” says Big T, a lifer in the D block. Jerry spends most his time teaching inmates how to read in the shower.


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