Steve Smith Traded For Sub Sandwich

Wide Receiver Steve Smith has been traded for a sub sandwich.

Long time Carolina Panther, Steve Smith, has been traded for a sandwich at Subway. Many people are wondering if this was the right move by Panther’s General Manager Dave Gettleman. The move will send Steve Smith to the Subway, off of The Plaza and Cheryl Ave, in Charlotte, NC.

The news comes as a bit of surprise to the Panthers organization. When asked why the trade happened, Gettleman had only one answer. “They called me right before lunch.” The trade will make Steve Smith a full time employee for subway in exchange for a Flatizza.

"A trade well worth it," says Panther's GM Dave Gettleman

Panther’s GM Dave Gettleman enjoying his Flatizza.

Subway is jumping for joy over the success of their Flatizza. “We didn’t think anyone would buy one, let alone trade for one,” claimed a distraught Fred DeLuca, Subway CEO. “I mean when we released the Flatizza, we were really throwing up a hail mary, that I thought would fail.”

Steve Smith will be using his hot hands to move hot bread from oven to counter. “I’m excited to be in a place where my skills will be used,” stated Steve Smith. Steve is excited over the trade and plans to be what he normally isn’t, apart of the team. He later added, “I know when they make a sandwich, I’m like how do they do it, but now I’ll know.”

Steve Smith being walked off the field and into Subway.

Teammates congratulating Steve Smith on the trade to Subway.

Steve Smith fans are showing their support by buying Subway uniforms with Smith’s name tag. “I can’t wait until he’s out there making sandwiches,” claimed super fan Ted Maloney. “I’ll cheer for him the whole way.” Many fans are waiting for Steve to show up at Subway to sign the contract papers. As we were leaving, Maloney shouted, “This has to be the best move by The Carolina Panthers in years!”

In what has been called the ‘best move’ in NFL history, fans are wondering what’s next for the historic league.

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