Palin Reads From The Only Book She Has Ever Read, “Green Eggs And Ham” at CPAC.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference 2014, last night in Maryland, Sarah Palin wowed the GOP by eagerly reading from her favorite book, “Green Eggs And Ham” by Dr. Seuss, which she reportedly finished reading earlier this week. Donald Grisham, PR Representative of CPAC, stated about Palin’s live reading, “…We were really proud of Sarah Palin for her courageous reading of ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ which actually took her 46 years or so to finish reading. I saw her practicing backstage before her performance, she seemed nervous, so I gave her a Capri Sun to calm her down. I think it worked.” 

Rand Paul (R) Senator of Kentucky, winner of the CPAC Presidential Straw Poll 2014, commented on her delivery, “… at first I thought she was impersonating people who read slowly, like making a commentary on education or something, but then realized— oh, she’s not. Good for her.”

Palin was not the only presenter at CPAC 2014 to read from their favorite books— Christ Christie (R) Governor of New Jersey delighted the GOP with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”


Paul Ryan, (R) Chairman of the House Budget Committee, did an amazing job sounding out his own favorite “A is for Alliguitar.”

paul ryan a

And Rick Santorum just played with his favorite Hulk hands toy.


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