I’m Not a Racist BUT…

Thanks to Minnesota GOP State Rep. Pat Garofalo, “I’m Not a Racist But” is currently trending on Twitter. Last night @PatGarofalo tweeted:

@PatGarofalo: Let’s be honest, 70% of teams in the NBA would fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime.

Garofalo says that he is known for his “controversial” tweets, but he is not racist. “I woke up this morning and I had thousands of notifications from people who appeared to be black so I knew something was wrong.

In response to the racism allegations, the representative sent out the following tweets today:

@PatGarofalo: My NBA tweet was wrong. I’m sorry. I should know better. Street crime is actually 2 words & not one. Im not racist but having a black neighbor has messed w/ my grammar

@PatGarofalo: I hope ppl can learn from my tweet. I hope all states will realize that ppl actually care what state reps have to say.  Reps rule! Senators drool! #soThere

@PatGarofalo: It doesn’t matter what my tweet says. It only matters  how many retweets it got. 1,769! Are you f*cking kidding me!?! #NewRecordBitches

@PatGarofalo: People are forgetting that there are white NBA players too!!! Maybe I’m talking about them. I’m not, but I maybe I am. 

@PatGarofalo: U may not know this but I’m a stand-up comic. And my tweet killed at the LOL Larry’s open mic. Here’s one I’m trying 2nite: I named my penis “the truth” cuz bitches can’t handle it. #BOOM


Not everyone thinks Rep Garofalo is racist. Many are actually sharing their racist thoughts via Twitter as well.

Here are some of the top tweets:

@DisneyDoubleDs: I’m not a racist but I do hate all Arabs except for Aladdin. I think he would have stopped 9/11.

@BadGirlgasm: I’m not a racist butt if u don’t speek American u shold NOT get minimum wage. You should be paid in reeding lessens. #LERN

@RayOlsonIsRight: I’m not a racist but if Asians went extinct, my car insurance would go down.

@HannahBlacktana: I’m not racist. But if Miley Cyrus wouldve never started banging black dudes, she’d still have pretty hair.

@GunsNGod: I got George Zimmerman’s autograph at the gun show but I’m not racist. George is one of those ethnics and I like him. I think its cool that his name isn’t too mexicany.

@Kelzee: I think we should blow up Europe. I’m not racist but I think it’s a dumb country. #Truth


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