Pope Francis’ Pro-Gay Tweet Confuses Church Observers

The recent tweet from Pope Francis yesterday has provoked confusion upon the Catholic Church and for his followers, on Twitter that is. Late last night the Pope tweeted:

“GaYz are totes ok! My cousin is GAY, he lives in Toronto. #civilunions #popeproblems :)”


Pope Francis’ tweet suggested that the Catholic Church should begin to recognize civil unions around the world, especially in Toronto where the Pope’s cousin, known as ‘Mattie,’ resides.

Rev. Tom Rosica of the Vatican’s press office has sent out an email on the matter, writing that Pope Francis “did not choose to enter into debates about the delicate matter of gay civil unions— but just had a bit too much ‘blood of Christ’ to drink last night, and was probably watching Bravo again— to be frank, he actually promised us that he was just going to play Angry Birds on his smartphone and not ‘go on Twitter’.”

Michele Bachmann (R) Representative of MN stated about the Pope’s tweet yesterday during a press conference that  “… Pope Francis thinks that gays are “totes ok,” but that’s it, just “totes ok,” not great or anything. Toronto must be the name of his cousin’s boyfriend or something. Pretty gross. Also, by #civilunions, Pope Francis probably just meant #evilunions. Sometimes the letter ‘e’ looks like a ‘c’ and an ‘i’ put together when you squint. Happens all the time.”

Francis DeBernardo, head of the pro-LGBT Catholic group New Ways Ministry, stated that “Pope Francis certainly has gone further than any previous pope in trying to be positive towards people whose relationships are outside of the traditional heterosexual norm, I mean gay Canadians. Who would’ve thought?”


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