Champ Bailey Retires

Champ Bailey At His Release Press Conference

Champ Bailey At His Press Conference

Champ Bailey has been released by the Denver Broncos, and is now seeking to retire from getting ask if he’s too old to play football.

The retirement of the question, “Are you too old?” comes from the press constantly asking. “Look, I still have it in me, ” said a swollen Champ Bailey from a wheelchair. “I can cover anyone, ” he added as he rolled away to dialysis. Champ has started working out for the off-season. His workouts includes heavy lifting, icing, and being in bed by 3pm. “I got to get up for that early bird special,” Bailey claims. 

As Denver searches for a new corner, they plan to bring in younger blood. “We heard Dez Bryant had a baby and plan to draft him in 2014, ” stated John Elway. The General Manager has made riskier moves, but Denver is excited to see what baby Bryant can do. “Basically, we’re getting a player who can last 20 years in the league,” Elway reveled. Baby Bryant is said to be better than anyone currently on the Denver Broncos secondary.

Baby Bryant Playing College Football

Baby Bryant in College Football

News of the retirement of the question, “Are you too old?” comes as a shock as it was unforeseen. The question has been around since the dawn of the NFL, but leaves with a good pension and a gold rolex. The question plans to find a place in northern Minnesota. His tasks will include hunting, fishing, and asking if anyone is too old.



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