Facebook Redesign Does It Right For Ads

The Facebook redesign was released early Wednesday. There was much shock as many users were not happy with the redesign. “What else is new, ” questioned Mark Zuckerberg. The design is unappealing due to the amount of space to Facebook compared to the area for ads. “You dweebs use FB for free, why are you complaining?,” stated Mr. Zuckerberg. Later he added, “If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be putting some shitty song on your Myspace page.”

Facebook Redesign

New Facebook Redesign

Facebook ratio of content to ads changed from 66/33% to an astonishing 20/80%. People are having trouble reading statuses and messaging people, but what bothers them is that anywhere they click on the page, it leads to an ad. Others have to wait through a 15 second ads in order to post on someone’s wall. Those that do not have a Facebook page are the safest.

The internet is a buzz over the redesign. “It’s time for a change,” reveals Sam Stone. “I’m going to live off the grid to get away.” Sam is moving to an apartment that does not offer wifi.

Even major metropolitan apartments have followed Facebook’s lead. “We put adds on our halls, ” said building manager Carlos Dansby. “Also, I opened their apartments to put some adds in their bathroom.” Carlos receives five cents for every time someone looks at the billboard in posted in their bathroom. “I can’t pee without seeing that 8ft face,” claimed a sad tenant.

The major ad agencies are happy with the results as more and more people are looking at their ads. “As long as the numbers look good, I’m happy,” said marketing Guru I. Liketah Alienate. The guru congratulates himself as he lives off the misery of others.


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