Valeria Lukyanova Is In Trouble

A picture of Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova at the nude shoot.

Ukrainian model, Valeria Lukyanova, finds herself in a heap of trouble.

After fighting her battle of living off air, Valeria Lukyanova is back to going against common sense. This time she finds herself in the backlash of her nude photos.

These photos have leaked all over the internet.  “That’s not me,” said Valeria. But GUR has confirmed these photos are real. Our science team claims, “the similarities are uncanny.” Later, they added, “Both the selfie and the nudes have that same lifeless look in the eyes.”

The photos come as a surprise to Valeria Lukyanova’s parents who thought they taught her better. Mr. and Mrs. Lukyanova never told her no and acted as her best friend. “She told us being Barbie was the ‘in’ thing,” they sniffled, “We’re angry now, and I’m going to confront her.” Valeria’s parents are currently congratulating their daughter for her choices.

The photos were taken after Valeria Lukyanova’s nipple removing surgery. We apologize as these may not be safe for work.

A picture of Valeria posing nude.

Valeria Lukyanova posing nude for the camera

A picture of Valeria Lukyanova sun bathing nude.

Valeria Lukyanova sun bathing.


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