Noah’s Ark Project Proves Scientist Theory

Ken Ham, a creationist, has raised enough money to build Noah’s Ark.

A scientist theory proves to be right. ‘People don’t know how to spend their money,’ said lead scientist Milton Fulton. ‘Yes, I know my name rhymes,’ he later added. The revelation comes as millions of people who watched a debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ resulted in 62 million dollars raised for Ken Ham and none for science.

Ken Ham after the debate.

Ken Ham saying ‘Suckers!’

‘I was using TV to push my agenda,’ said Ken Ham. ‘I’m not spending my money… that would be STUPID!’ Ken Ham is best known for abusing people whom are easily taken advantage of  and will give their savings. ‘And I don’t feel guilty,’ claimed Mr. Ham.

‘I feel used,’ said Bill Nye. ‘I should have known there was an anterior motive to millions of people watching the debate.’ Bill Nye now spends his time feeling bad. He eats his emotions and would like to be called BIll Nye the Fat Guy Who is Sad.

Noah’s ark will be built in the middle of the Ken Ham’s creationist theme park. The theme park features pictures of dinosaurs and humans coexisting. The Ark will feature three decks on animatronic animals of the opposite sex to prove that animals excluded homosexuals. As guests walk by the animals, they will make noises of, ‘no gays,’ and ‘bbaaaan the gays.’

Scientist are scared that this pattern will continue as Ken Ham has a new debate set up for early next year. ‘I need a house for myself, so I am going to debate a homosexual.’ He added that it would be the most watched TV program and that’s his only goal. People, whom are easily taken advantage of, are ready to give money.

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