Nerd Boners Rise As Flash Suit Revealed

Glee Star gives nerds boners.

Gary Gustin in a leather suit.

Grany Gustin smiling that he is giving you a boner.

Grant Gustin’s Flash suit was revealed today as millions of nerds obtained boner status. “This is so cool,” claimed boner-having Oscar Fitzgerald. “My boner is raging.” The glimpse of the suit made nerds everywhere go crazy. Millions of significant others are pissed. “It’s hard enough when he doesn’t have a boner,” stated girlfriend Paula Rhines.

The Surgeon General of the United States has released a statement that if any nerd boner lasts more than 4 hours to watch Cat Woman with Halle Berry. Reports are coming in that hospitals are being filled with comic book fans bent over at the waste to hide their embarrasment.  As protocol, medical offices are showing Cat Woman in the wait room to cool off hot boners.

Grant  Gustin is surprised. “I thought after Glee I would stop giving boners, but here I am!” Grant understands as he comes from a long line of boners.

CW is excited over the boner buzz and plans to release more pictures from The Flash. “We are all about giving boners,” said CW executive Franz Reiland. “We’ve been the goto for teenage and nerd boners since Dawson’s Creek.”

The suit sparks a realization that people are more excited for television than in their own lives.

Grant Gustin with a boner.

The full Flash suit features a boner.

UPDATE: GUR has received a photo of the Grant Gustin’s full suit.


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