Jeff Gordon Pranks Unsuspecting Journalist

Jeff Gordon’s prank goes too far.

Jeff Gordon at the Prank Set.

Jeff Gordon at the Pepsi Max Prank Set

After pranking Travis Okulski, Jeff Gordon was on a prank high. “I could prank anyone!,” the famous race car driver said as he left the Pepsi Max area. And that’s what he did. Jeff, on his high, went straight to town and started looking for his next target.

In comes local journalist, Chad Jennings, walking with a stroller to goto the grocery store. Chad was helping out his wife by taking the newborn baby on a trip. “She needed a break, and I was going to be a good husband. Little did I know Jeff Gordon was going there.” As Chad walked up to the curb of Ron’s Grocery, Jeff Gordon stepped in and took the baby.

Jeff Gordon’s maniacal laugh let everyone know something wasn’t right. “I got your baby,” Jeff repeated over and over again and he ran around the parking lot. Chad was distraught and used his best negotiation techniques to get his baby back. “What are you doing?” Chad asked. “I got your baby and this is a prank!,” retorted Jeff. “It’s not funny!,” screeched Chad. Jeff mustered, “Yes, it is!”

Jeff Gordon holding a baby in the parking lot of Ron's.

Jeff Gordon holding the baby in the parking lot of Ron’s.

The chase lasted for 2 hours as Jeff Gordon ran around making car noises with the baby in hand. “PUT THE BABY DOWN, IT’S NOT FUNNY,” screamed the group of civilians trying to stop Mr. Gordon but each time he howled, “Yes, it is!” The baby was finally returned after several ‘not’ jokes. “OK, I’ll give you back your baby, not!” was Jeff’s only line for the final  hour. “Oh man, this is a great prank,” chuckled Jeff Gordon. “Thank you to Pepsi MAX for letting me do this,” as the crowd looked around as they didn’t know what would happen next, Jeff left laughing.

Chris Jennings received his baby unscathed. He, on the other hand, was emotionally drained. “That would never happen with my wife watching the baby,” clarified Chris. Now, he spends his time avoiding his wife. “She can’t know this happened,” he said, “if she asks you, please tell her I am high on heroin.”

Our scientist discovered that when on a prank high, these type of incidents are common. “You feel like you can get away with anything,” said our 6th grade scientist. “Like when you draw one boner and you don’t get caught. You want to keep drawing boners!” Prank highs can last for several days.

Officer Redmis claimed he never seen anything like that before. “I’ve never seen anything like that before, ” answered the officer.  NASCAR star Jeff Gordon  was forgiven, you know, because he’s a celebrity.

If you see Jeff Gordon please do not hesitate to call local police. Prank highs can last for weeks.


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