Ben & Jerry’s New Idea Wows

People are falling over themselves with Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Core.

Ben & Jerry’s has been hard at work creating what the public wants. News comes in that Ben & Jerry will be adding a packed flavor core in-between two of ice cream flavors. “We figured it was time to pull out the big guns,” said Ben, the left half of the conjoined twin.”There is ice cream on each side, so you get two flavors, but in the middle, is the best part. It’s a core of flavor!,” claimed the deformed half, Jerry. “We’re packing ours with insulin shots!” The new name of the ice cream? It will be called Dia-Beat-Es.

Ben & Jerry's New Flavor Core Diabetes

New Flavor Core Packed With Insulin Needles

Scientist discovered this idea by smoking weed. Their talks lead from talking about ice cream to how the government is killing their style. Not all ideas were strong such as:  Pizza Ice Cream Pizza, Doritos Locos Tacos, Ben & Jerry’s Ben & Jerry, and my dads going to kill me if he finds out I smoke. Flavor core came after Jill, a PhD from Los Angeles Community College said it would be cool if we were filled with fudge. The scientist then knew they were onto something.

Fans are praising Ben & Jerry for the idea. The flavor core has been testing positively in their focus groups.   Tests show that 1 in 1 people love ice cream but are afraid to admit it in front of skinnier friends.

Other ice cream company’s are following Ben & Jerry’s footsteps. Haagen Das will release e a similar core idea. “We like it. We make it. That our model, ” claims Haagen Das executive, Dan Haagen. The flavor core they will release is packed with a small child, because Germans are into some weird shit.

Farms are going crazy as the new flavor core is sending production into a frenzy. “Moo,” shouted an anonymous crowd. There are sure to be lots of overtime for the poor cows as Ben & Jerry try to avoid a milk shortage.


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