Space Jam 2 Stars Unconfirmed

Space Jam 2 is coming to theaters, but the stars may not.

Logo For Space Jam 2

Logo For Space Jam 2

Reports are coming in that Space Jam 2 is not going to have the celebrity factor that it once had. NBA Star Lebron James is not signing on, and no one is sure if the movie will be worth it. Also, reports show that the Looney Tunes’s character, Bugs Bunny, refuses to be apart of the production. The famous cartoon star was quoted. “I’m sick of everyone thinking I am going to be apart of a sequel and no one asks me how I feel! Leave the original story line alone!” Mr. Bunny spends his time following his true passion: dressing up like a woman and confusing a hunter’s sexuality. “I’m a lot happier since I left Hollywood and I’m doing what I love.”

Bugs Bunny Seducing a hunter by dressing as a woman

Bugs Bunny 5 miles outside of Bangor, WI

The studio, scrambling for a replacement, found someone to step up to the plate. Peter Griffin will now be playing the lead cartoon role. Peter is best known for his role in anything Seth McFarland creates. “I’m freakin’ stoked,” interjected Mr. Griffin, “It’s going to be like the time I wore a geisha uniform to Charles Manson’s House Party hehehehehehehe.”

Cut to a party scene where Peter is dressed like a geisha. Charles Manson walks in and says, “You having a good time?” Geisha responds, “I’m have a Gei time. hehehehehehehe.”

Fans are reacting to the news with a positive light. “If anyone can be better than Bugs, it’s Peter,” said Mr. Griffin’s number one fan, his agent.

Other cast members include Tom & Jerry as the Monstars, and Bill Murray as not anywhere near this Titanic.

Production will begin in fall of 2014.

Space Jam 2 Poster

Poster for Space Jam 2


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