Young Girl Hits Million Dollar Jackpot

Millions of dollars have been claimed recently by a local middle school girl.

Trisha Saram invested her time in the Girl Scouts of America, and that investment is paying her back triple. “My secret? I find out where they sell pot and I sell cookies right next door. It’s like awesome,” claimed Ms. Saram. Her intuitive sense of where hungry people are has paid off. “My girl is smart, ” exalted Trisha’s father as he took a hit of his blunt. He was later asked to leave as he ate a small chunk of the product. “My dad is so fired,” Trisha reminded her mother.

Cookies Sold To Pot Heads Profits Skyrocket

Money made from selling cookies to pot heads is enough for Social Security to last 1000000 years.

The idea spawned on Trisha one day when her dad was driving her to school. Trisha remembers the day perfectly, “He shouted I’m so stoned, I would just love some cookies.” As she walked into her homeroom class late again thanks to good ole stoner dad.  She had a winning recipe:  Girl Scout Cookies + Marijuana = GOLD MINE!

The marijuana dispensary, Pot Palace, welcomed the idea as their clients have a one stop shopping place. “Food and bud is all a person needs,” quipped Ron Sipple. Ron has owned Pot Palace for three years. “I love girl scouts,” exclaimed Ron while stuffing his face with Thin Mints. GUR asked Ron to clarify, but he responded, “Clarify what?”

Ron has been arrested for unknown charges.

Trisha is said to have sold out of Girl Scout Cookies in the state, but she is waiting for a new shipment. She is projected to make over a billion dollars in sales. Ms. Saram hopes to take her cooking selling business public in the next month.

As to what the Girl Scouts of America think? GUR reached out to her scout leader for comment, but Tonya Redding couldn’t be reached.  She was stuck inside of Pot Palace and didn’t want to leave with reporters noticing.

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