DHL Pranks UPS

DHL has pulled one over on shipping giant UPS.

DHL carries prank box that reads UPS Sucks My Balls.

Prank box seen in public.

DHL has one upped UPS for a second time this week as packages with fake alias were sent all over the country. Millions of drivers came back with undelivered packages  to I.C. Weener, Seymore Butts, and a brash UPS SUXMYBALLS. One prank box was even said to have a derogatory term.

UPS is in uproar over the shipping prank as they are finding ways to retaliate. One UPS executive, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed, “It’s on.” When asked what would be the next step he replied, “We have a team of scientist working on this. So far, we have a list of options ranging from TPing their corporate office and leaving a big bag of flaming dog doo on their door step.”

Civilians who saw the packages delivered thought it was a clever idea. “I’m going to use DHL more often because they have a sense of humor. That’s what I NEED in my shipping needs.” Others strongly oppose and have taken to rioting the streets. “THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY, ” screamed the foam filled mouth of Richard Troyer a retired 89 year old  librarian. “I FILLED MY PANTS!” Mr. Troyer then passed out of exhaustion as he was throwing a brick at the Sears window on his TV.

DHL Corporate office with toilet paper on it.

Special Effects of DHL Corporate being TP’d.

With all this shipping commotion, GUR fears that the USPS will be offended it’s not being talked about. We remember the last prank USPS played when they hired a hit man to take out an entire building.



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